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Skin Scanning


It may take many years for you to actually see the effects of environmental factors on skin ageing. By scanning your skin using some of the latest skin scanning technology we can see the damage to you skin that currently isn't visible. The technology is able to tell us much more precisely how photo damaged your skin might be. It can also show us exactly how aged the skin is. Helping us advise the you on the best course of action for the future. 

Many skin conditions originate from deeper layers of the skin and are difficult to diagnose with the human eye. The Observ skin analysis helps to diagnose common skin disorders using fluorescence illumination technology.

The Observ will take 6 images in different light modes.

Daylight – Shows skin under direct sunlight conditions, and is what others can see in natural light .

True UV – Through UV light, behaviour of skin cells and hard to see skin conditions such as thinning skin, melasma, sun damage, acne, secretions become distinguishable. The invisible rays have capacity to travel into the surface of the skin.

Woods – Similar to the UV light, the woods lamp can identify hard to see conditions in deeper dimensions of the skin. It can show if you have dry, oily or combination skin it also shows the intensity and depth of inflammatory activity surrounding the sebaceous gland.

Cross Polarized – In this light, the surface glare of the skin is suppressed and provides a direct view inside the skin revealing vascular (redness) or pigmentation (sun damage) disorders, thinning skin and irregularities.

Parallel Polarized – The parallel Polarized mode enhances the visibility of the skins surface textures, such as open pores, clogged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, early aging signs, rough and bumpy skin in great detail.

Complexion Analysis - The complexion analysis reveals all none uniform aspects of the skin, such as skin tone and pigmentation irregularities and irritations. It will show what is going on underneath the surface of the skin, and what would potentially come through if nothing is done to protect against the damage caused by environmental and physical factors of every day life. 

The great thing about the Observ is that we can fine tune your concerns and make an accurate treatment plan because we know what is actually going on from the inside out. We can also arrange follow up Observ scans to look at the progress from treatment to treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly will the skin scanner show?
The scanner will show the amount of pigmentation, size and distribution of pores, amount of sebum (oil), lines and wrinkles, redness as well as the size, depth and distribution of scars.
How long does it take?
The scan takes seconds to do. Its a little like having a photograph taken.
How quickly will I get my results?
The analysis of the scan take a couple of minutes after which your results will be ready to see and discuss.
Is it possible to scan my skin before a treatment and after. Would you be able to compare the results.
Yes the system allows us to do multiple scans and compare them with previous scans. This help both you and us see the changes and improvement in your skin. This is particularly important as some of your skin problems are not visible to the naked eye.

Suitable for the following Skin Worries and Concerns