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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are exactly that, they are injections of gel that fill the skin lifting lines and wrinkles from underneath. As the face ages we lose volume. Dermal fillers can also be used to create and replace this volume as well as contour areas if needed helping us achieve a natural more youthful appearance.

The number of dermal fillers available within the UK has exploded over the past few years with over 160 now available on the market. The technology has moved forward considerably over the last few decades now giving us ranges of dermal fillers that can be specifically chosen to meet your individual needs. It is not a one size fits all and for that reason that we use a wide range of "Clinically Safe, Gold Standard" fillers. These include the Belotero TM, Emervel TM, Juviderm TM and Teosyal TM range of Hyaluronic acid fillers as well as Radiesse TM and Ellanse TM both known for their collagen stimulating properties.

Dermal fillers are used to treat many areas of the face to help address the signs of ageing or to enhance natural features eg Lips

All dermal fillers that we use are bio-degradable and non-permanent. They are broken down by your body and excreted fully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?
Fillers are generally safe when in the hands of an experienced practitioner who knows what they are doing and importantly how to recognize and deal with complications should they arise. All potential risks and side effects will be discussed with you at consultation and prior to treatment. The most common side effects are bruising and swelling. With this in mind you should think carefully about when you want to have your treatment.
How quickly will I see results?
The results with dermal fillers are immediate. However on the day of treatment you may well have some swelling and bruising. The ultimate results with hyaluronic acid fillers will be seen once any swelling and bruising has settled, we would usually advise that this can take up to 2 weeks. The ultimate results with Radiesse and Ellanse take longer. The results that you should expect will be discussed before you are treated.
How long will results last?
This depends on the individual client, area treated, choice and amount of dermal filler used. Typically fillers can last from 4 months to a year.
Is the treatment painful?
Modern day fillers nearly all have local anaesthetic within the gel. Topical anaesthetic can be applied to the skin prior to injection couple that with the correct choice of needle or cannula to inject the product and most people find the treatment only mildly stingy or uncomfortable. It is also possible to use a local anaesthetic if required.
What will happen when I have the treatment?
We will ask you to come to clinic without any make up on. The procedure you are going to have will be discussed with you at length and you will be asked to fill in and sign a consent form. Your skin will be thoroughly cleaned. Photographs will be taken before and after your treatment, these are for your medical records. If needed local anaesthetic cream will be applied to your skin and will be cleaned off prior to the treatment being performed. The actual treatment is treated like a minor surgical procedure with all steps taken to minimise the risk of infection as well as maximise your comfort.
What about after care?
We ask you not to apply makeup for 24 hours we will also ask you not to touch the treated area. Both of these are to reduce the risk of infection. We will give you any specific instructions regarding what to expect and what to look out for following your treatment. We always ask you to contact us immediately with any worries,concerns or problems that maybe related to your treatment.
How much filler will I need, will 1 syringe be enough?
Everyone is individual. How much dermal filler you will need to achieve the results you want will depend on many different factors. This will be discussed at length during your consultation.
Can I have my treatment on the day?
Yes it is possible to have a dermal filler treatment on the same day as your consultation. This is because dermal fillers don't require a prescription. However we actively encourage all our patients to go home and think about their options following their consultation rather than making a hasty decision. This is known as a cooling off period.

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Dermal fillers: Pictures before and after treatment.