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Volume loss and Skin Laxity

Volume Loss

Volume loss is a normal part of the ageing process with many changes going on in your facial bones as well as muscles, fat pads and skin. All in all as we age instead of having the natural triangle of youth, wider across our cheeks, this gets turned on its head and we became wider across the jawline. 

This volume loss causes hallowing around the eye sockets along with sunken temples, cheeks start to flattened , loose skin becomes evident around the jawline, better known as jowls. Fine lines appear on the lips and around the nose. Nasolabial folds form around the corners of the nose and mouth and oral commissures develop just beneath the corner of the mouth. Horizontal lines appear above the chin and below the mouth , know as the mental crease. Lips also become thinner. Add on top of this skin that appears drier, thinner, less pliable and vibrant, that is losing its collagen and the result is the ageing face.


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