URGENT NOTICE: Thank you for visiting fresh faces. Due to the fast-evolving Pandemic crisis that we all find ourselves in the clinic is currently closed. You will understand that most of the treatments we provide are non-essential and social distancing is impossible for us to do.
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Award winning Cosmetic Aesthetic Clinic in Liverpool offering a range of Skin Rejuvenation treatments

About Us

The Clinic

Fresh Faces Clinic

Fresh Faces is located on the top floor of 122 South Road, Waterloo, Liverpool between Face Beauty Salon and Write Blend Coffee Shop.

We provide a secure clinical environment for your treatments. We occupy the entire top floor of the building, there are 4 clinic rooms, 3 are used for non-surgical treatments such as injectables and radio-frequency skin tightening with the 4th being used for laser treatments and facials.  

The clinic works in quite a unique way in that 2 separate business's work alongside one another rather than in competition. There are two Registered Independent Nurse Prescribers and one Laser Practitioner each running their own patient list. Working in collaboration like this means that we can support each other clinically, cross refer, and ultimately help offer the best practice and treatments for you the patient.